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The first step towards delivering quality mobile applications is to find a way to manage the Big 4 of mobile testing: devices, apps, security, and automation. As Theresa Lanowitz, voke Founder and Analyst states, “There is very little tolerance for a mobile application that does not work from a functional perspective as well as from a performance perspective."

Join voke's Theresa Lanowitz in collaboration with Mobile Lab’s Dan McFall and Micheal Eckoff from Tricentis to learn about strategies to manage the Big 4 of mobile testing. Specifically, we will discuss how to:

  • Identify, manage and optimize the level of quality risk in mobile environments
  • Leverage a private mobile device cloud to remotely view and interact with mobile devices and apps for manual and automated mobile testing
  • Determine how and why to automate your mobile testing

Join voke's Theresa Lanowitz, Mobile Labs,  and Tricentis in a webinar about mobile testing.