Why voke?

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Let's Inspire Each Other.  Let's Share Provoking Ideas. Let's Move Markets!

When choosing an industry analyst to work with, choose wisely.  Choose professionalism, collaboration, integrity, inspiration, and positive influence.  Choose a champion of success.

Competition is tough!  Open source is free, or is it? People are busy and distracted. Work is harder because software doesn’t work or performs too slowly.  Getting mindshare and market share is a struggle.  Sales cycles take way too long! Your customers are confused by buzzwords.

You want to be the market leader. You deserve to be the market leader. You need to increase demand. You need to fill your sales pipeline. You want to inspire customers at your events. Your customers need help justifying the investment in your solution.

We Collaborate. We Inspire. We Provoke Thought.

We are different because we value success, we collaborate, and we’ve done it before.

We provide independent insight about technology trends and markets. We inspire audiences. We deliver quality research with real world data. We empower IT professionals to assess and invest in new technology.

Why Voke

We’ve been in your shoes.  As a developer, as an IT professional, as a sales engineer, as a product manager, as a strategic marketing strategist, as an executive.

Perhaps starting a career as a developer with a top secret security clearance is the best foundation to becoming a trusted advisor and industry analyst?

Innovation, quality, emerging technology, and success is our passion.  Before the most recent buzzwords emerged, we‘ve been in your shoes and worked on technology way ahead of its time.  We worked on Java before Java, created web firsts for Adobe and IBM, worked on THE first SaaS application, and championed IoT way back in 1999!

At voke we champion emerging markets and technology.  Established the category of Lifecycle Virtualization. Championed service virtualization – filling vendor’s pipelines and saving enterprises time and money. We provide real world data to help IT professionals assess their organization and justify new investment in the most compelling new technology of the future.

Imagine Your Future

Imagine establishing a new market category or successfully launching the next emerging technology while creating demand and filling your sales pipeline and helping your customers be more productive, save time and money.

Collaborate With Us

Collaborate with us to learn from market history, the secrets that work, and what to avoid. Understand new trends based on real world data. Inspire your audiences about the future. Get feedback and advice from a team that is professional, present, and cares about your success and your customer’s success. Choose thought provoking research to empower IT Superheroes.

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