Survey Data

get the data to justify new technology

You or your peers took the survey and shared their stories.  voke's Market Snapshot research analyzes the real world data from IT professionals. These in depth reports provide the data you need to justify an investment in new technology and questions to ask to assess your own organization about each topic.

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Avoid Unnecessary Hacks! Make the Case to Operationalize Security

How big is your patch backlog?




"82% of discovered breaches occurred due to patches pending for months or years"



IT Superheroes: get the data and assess your organization in voke's Secure Operations Automation Market Snapshot report.

Is Manual Really Faster? Make the Case to Invest in Release Management

Are your releases smaller and more frequent, but still manual?







"69% use a manual release approval process"


IT Superheroes, get the data and assess your organization in voke's Market Snapshot on Release Management.