voke, inc. Releases FutureWatch Report for Outsourcing
January 30, 2007
Third Installment of FutureWatch Series Says Software Usage Will Be More Prevalent in Emerging Nations than in U.S.

MINDEN, NEVADA – January 30, 2007 – voke inc., a modern analyst firm for the Web 2.0 world, released its third consecutive FutureWatch report. Focused on outsourcing and the trend to move tasks to offshore providers, this installment describes how emerging nations with strong technical educational programs, such as India, China, and Eastern Europe, will increase in relevance as part of a successful ecosystem for a hybrid enterprise. The report, released today, hypothesizes where technical skills will emerge and why software development standards will be driven to acceptance.

According to the report, at the end of the 20th century, the concept of using an offshore provider was primarily a cost issue. Today, emerging nations where populations are increasing their technical skills, such as India, China and Eastern Europe, have become a haven for entrepreneurs and venture capital investments.

"As the nuances, positives and negatives of using offshore providers became visible, the idea of team virtualization was the most popular reason for outsourcing," said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, inc. "Now as teams are truly virtualized across boundaries, outsourcing is about to enter a new phase. Offshore providers will more than likely take on more technical roles and responsibilities while their clients concentrate on the core business and deliver strategic value."

voke previously released FutureWatch reports around IT Enterprise Management and Software Suppliers; both of which supported voke's theory of using outsourcing – and the inherent innovation and skills that are being driven by the employment demands in India, China, and Eastern Europe -- to supplement organizations. These earlier reports "set the stage" for voke's predictions of a forthcoming virtual and reliable wave of outsourcing.

The FutureWatch series of reports can be purchased at http://www.vokeinc.com/.

voke also offers a free "What’s Next?" blog that examines issues resulting from technology challenges and identifies how technology must be exploited to move society to the 21st century. This free blog is available at http://www.voke.blogspot.com/.

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