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The launch of ReplayDIRECTOR is an example of the power of virtualization permeating the application lifecycle in multiple phases. ReplayDIRECTOR provides an innovative solution using game changing technology.

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Technology that is. Things are getting more complex Ė that means there is more source code to run things and more code means less optimal integration and some big tough problems left unresolved.

Think about one of the simplest tasks in any household, turning on a TV. Well, how simple is it now? My non-scientific study, yet curious observation of cell yells between vacationers and their caretakers at home indicates one of the most common things they discuss is how to turn on the TV! ...
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The week of January 9, 2007 is shaping up to be an eventful week. At voke, we announced our Market Snapshot report for the network equipment testing market. Fanfare announced their ability to deliver much needed commercial testing products to the network equipment market. And, Apple announced its iPhone...